About Us

For little imaginations, Big dreams.


Founded in 2023, Joy & Craft stands as a vibrant lifestyle brand offering a diverse range of handicraft home decor, lifestyle accessories, and unique gifts for people looking for unique and something a little different. Our exclusive collection showcases 100% handcrafted, premium lifestyle products Each piece is meticulously crafted by skilled rural artisans across India.

Earth conservation is our top priority at Joy & Craft. Our objective is to help underprivileged communities to achieve financial independence under favourable employment conditions by joining forces with them. We generate long-lasting networks for economic development through our activities. Together with committed NGOs and organisations, we work to bring about constructive change.

Our Story

Everyone has a story of how it all began and this is ours.

We consider ourselves lucky to be surrounded by individuals who share our passion for the environment, including artists, travellers, business professionals, and designers. Fundamentally, we are all united by a profound dedication to protecting the environment.

The more worrying facts were that in India alone we dump 9+ million tonnes of plastic every year. Also I have travelled amazing places over the years and most importantly from the rich heritage of India where i seen very beautiful art and craft products, also seen that Indian handicrafts are dying largely due to modernization and technological advancements.

I still remember a weekend at home with family, neighbors and friends, discussing handcraft and modernization, the global crisis on climate change and plastic pollution with. It was clear to all that we witness this everyday but we do not really knew what to do about it, where to actually begin.  

Simultaneously, I seek plastic-free, chemical-free, and safe cloth items, toys, and accessories for my newborn daughter. And I start creating handmade cloths and toys for my daughter. She loved that toys a lot. Which give me inspiration to start a new journey of help underprivileged communities and spreed joy Joy & Craft.

I intend to make the adjustment to a new lifestyle easier by sharing my story with you. This was also how the original concept for Joy & Craft originated.


Aarti Prajapati
Founder, Joy & Craft

Our Vision

We want to help and empower the rural artisans of India to promote their talent and earn a great livelihood by enhancing the reach of pure hand-made, top-quality eco-friendly products.

We’re committed to supporting our customers in adopting an eco-conscious lifestyle, whether at home or on the go. Our focus is on providing sustainable solutions that cater to their daily needs, both within their living spaces and outside, simplifying the shift towards an earth-friendly way of life.

We have created this platform to empower talented artisans to showcase their exceptional handmade arts and crafts. It is a digital platform that aims to offer customers 100% authentic, and top-class handmade, regional crafts of India.

Our Mission

Our manufacturing practices

The choices we make today, decide what kind of world we can leave for our children and theirs tomorrow. At Joy & Craft, we firmly believe in sustainable manufacturing.

  • Eco-friendly: Our products feature natural materials like wool and cotton, free from batteries, plastic, or harmful chemicals.
  • Sustainable: Sustainability at the heart of everything we do. We aim to be gentle on environment
  • Enchanting quality: Nothing but the best in terms of raw materials and craftsmanship.
  • Safety Standards: We use water-based paints, ensuring no lead or toxins, alongside beeswax polish.
  • Made in India: Each Joy & Craft item is born from our in-house designers and crafted by local artisans, proudly made in India.

At Joy & Craft, our aim is to create items that spark joy and bring out your inner child.  We believe in the power of life’s little joys, reflecting this wonder in our meticulously designed offerings.Our curated designs and prints not only reflect India’s diverse tastes but also embody its deep-rooted culture and heritage. Every product narrates a story, woven with tradition and passion by gifted artisans.

Joy & Craft has established a training facility where housewives may acquire new skills, develop professionally, and locate better jobs to raise their standard of living and help them be paid more.


What Our Customer are Saying

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